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This very versatile children's range begins at the age of 2 and goes up to 12 years old. This series with its sassy, realistic and contemporary heads plus animated poses taken from real life covers the full spectrum for displaying children’s fashion. They even have little flaws such as a lost tooth, which give this range a much more realistic appearance. Customers can select from 2 poses and 2 heads with make-up for each age group.


EuroDisplay does not simply supply shop window mannequins – we create marketing messages, which professionally emphasise your specific image. The immense variety in surface finishes, material combinations, colours and poses do justice to quite diverse requirements and segments. This was quite apparent to anyone who saw our stand in Hall 4 with their own eyes.

A uniquely bright and friendly atmosphere awaited the visitors to our exhibition stand at EuroShop 2014. Nearly 500 square meters, dynamically charged with ideas, inspiration and creativity were waiting to be discovered by our guests.

This year our stand design was an expression of openness and transparency. From the three dynamically tilted entrances, visitors were met with a light and airy atmosphere, which afforded the new mannequin range a lot of space for inspiration. The abstract shapes on the platforms were the perfect stage for innovation and emotion. At EuroDisplay, nearly 30 years’ expertise met with an excellent eye for trends, diverse looks, almost infinite design options and quality.