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  • Two-in-One

    2018-01-04 | These three high-quality sport mannequins are characterised by their usability in two different positions and the associated increase in... [more]

  • Collar arms

    2018-01-04 | Complete your stagings with our figures with collar arms. Create stunning presentations for every season by using various garments and... [more]

  • Prêt-à-Porter

    2014-02-08 | No other range can be as unique and versatile as Prêt-à-Porter. From abstract about semi-abstract to [read more] [more]


    | This very versatile children's mannequins starts at age 2 and ends at age 12. By sassy, realistic and timeless heads [read more] [more]

  • Certified

    | EuroDisplay works strictly in accordance with ISO 9001 standard which lays down the minimum requirements for a quality management in an... [more]

  • Nano-Finish

    | The use of NanoTechnology provides mannequins with a scratch and dirt resistant finish.Nano Technology is an already well known ... [more]

  • EuroDisplay naturelle

    | As a part of the Polyform Group, EuroDisplay is an international pioneer in Visual Merchandising when it comes to environmental care. This... [more]